Chair Yoga For Seniors

Accredited ACC Fall Prevention Programme

Improve balance and strength at any age!

Getting back to exercise? Recovering from illness or injury? Or feeling a bit rusty in your joints, this gentle practice is suitable for all. Postures are done while seated in a chair and some standing postures holding on to a chair.

Chair Yoga focus's on looking after joint mobility, improving balance, strength and confidence in movement. The class finishes with a guided practice to improve breathing patterns and lung capacity, breath work also helps with pain management. Yoga has been shown to allieviate the symptoms of many conditions such as high blood pressure, arthritis, fibromyalgia and poor sleep by combining physical postures with relaxation and breathing techniques to improve overall health.

Keep moving and stay well!

Two classes a week

THURSDAY 11:15am til 12:15pm
St Columba Church Hall & Community Centre
92 Surrey Crescent
Grey Lynn
MONDAY 10am to 11am
The Old Homestead,
92 Pt. Chevalier Rd, cnr Alberta Street.

Grey Lynn: $12 seniors
Pt. Chevalier: $12 seniors
Green Prescription all classes - $10 pp
FREE PARKING at both venues
Disability Access
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Discount cards are available: please enquire

Would you like to see what happens in a typical class?
Try 5 minute standing chair yoga practise with Tracy.
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Yoga for Healthy Ageing by Tracy

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